University of the Philippines Los Baños
Wednesday, 25 April 2018 09:23

Experts explain human sexuality at psychospirituality forum


Experts from three fields – medicine, law, and theology – shared their perspectives in understanding human sexuality in the psychospirituality forum entitled “Dignity of man and the meaning of sexuality: sex for life? or life for sex?” on Apr. 16 at the Makiling Ballroom of the Student Union Building, UPLB.

Dr. Jane Revilla, an obstetrician-gynecologist, talked about reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases. She explained the repercussions of unsafe and pre-marital sex that could lead to unplanned pregnancy, HIV, and AIDS, among others.

Dr. Revilla noted the recent increase of diagnosed HIV cases in the country, and how the virus has affected those in the lower age bracket. She underscored the importance of making informed decisions in one’s health and sexuality and warned the audiences of the consequences of risky sexual behavior.

On the other hand, Atty. Jan Louenn Lumanta, managing partner of Baquiran Lumanta and Orpilla Attorneys-at-Law and corporate secretary of the advocacy group Filipinos for Life, discussed the laws referring to sex in the country. He discussed the legal implications of violations resulting from the practice of sex, consented or not, and the laws governing immoral sexual acts. He shared excerpts from different articles under the Philippine law and cited relevant examples.

From a theological standpoint, Father Michael Brosas, parish priest of Sta. Elena Quasi-Parish in Sta. Cruz, Laguna explained the relationship of sex and God’s love, the theology of the human body, and the sanctity of marriage and love. He discussed the value of human relationships and underscored how the intensity of feelings between two people could lead to intimacy.

The forum is first of a series of learning events under the Psychospirituality Program of the Counselling and Testing Division of the Office of Student Affairs. Psychospirituality is an approach to wellness and a metaphysical science in the realm of spirituality that takes into consideration the individual’s personal belief systems. (KEAraguas, with information from OSA)