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Friday, 23 February 2018 15:31

French nanocellulose expert to lead a seminar series in UPLB

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Dr. Alain Dufresne, a nanocellulose expert from Grenoble University in France, will lead a series of seminars on March 5-7 at the College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR), UPLB.

The seminar series focuses on bio-based nanomaterials, reinforced polymer, nanocomposites, and scientific literature and citations; and aims to help increase the scientific productivity of UPLB researchers and faculty members.

Dr. Ramon A. Razal, professor at the CFNR Department of Forest Products and Paper Science (DFPPS), who invited Dr. Dufresne to UPLB said that “this seminar series will help us improve on our research program and facilities so that we will be able to produce more scholarly articles from the research work that we are doing.”

Nanocellulose is a renewable material derived from wood fibers that has exceptional strength characteristics at par with Kevlar, a lightweight material used to manufacture strong, durable materials,” explained Dr. Ramon Razal.

“Three years ago, we started our research program on nanocellulose, beginning with the extraction of nanocellulose from bamboo. We have also done extraction and preparation from other forest-based plants such as fast-growing Philippine timber and Kapok,” he added.

Dr. Razal’s research on bamboo nanocellulose is part of the Nanotechnology Program of UPLB, which aims to build capacity in nanotechnology through human resource and facilities development and to provide solutions to problems in agriculture, forestry, and industry in the country.

All nanocellulose research projects implemented by Dr. Razal and his team at the FPPS Department are under the aegis of the UPLB Nanotechnology Program, whose coordinator is Dr. Milagros M. Peralta of the Institute of Chemistry at the UPLB College of Arts and Sciences. 

The lecture will be hosted by the CFNR-DFPPS and made possible through the University of the Philippines’ World Expert Lecture Series Program that allows UP professors to submit a proposal to invite world-renowned expert in the Philippines. (John Glen S. Sarol)


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