University of the Philippines Los Baños
Thursday, 05 October 2017 10:00

AUPWU-UPLB marks 30th year

“All of the gains and successes that UPLB has managed to achieve in the past 109 years would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of UPLB’s workforce,” said Dr.  Crisanto A. Dorado, vice chancellor for administration, as he read the message of Chancellor Fernando C. Sanchez, Jr. during the 30th anniversary celebration of the All-UP Worker’s Union Los Baños Chapter (AUPWU-UPLB) on Sept. 28 at the Baker Hall.

“And I am not only referring to the University’s faculty members and REPS—but also to the very people who are directly involved in the smooth daily operation of UPLB, our administrative staff,” Dr. Dorado continued, as he emphasized the importance of the University’s administrative workforce, who comprise the AUPWU-UPLB.

Dr. Dorado reiterated Chancellor Sanchez’s earlier promise to listen to the causes of the Union. “We are committed to work with you, and you can expect us to advance the Union’s agenda to the best of our capabilities,” he said. He also commended Antonio Salcedo, president of the AUPWU-UPLB, for actively advocating for employee benefits, the filling up of vacant positions, and resolution of misunderstandings. Salcedo was present during the program.

The event also served as a venue for the Union members to learn the new programs of and opportunities that can be availed from the Home Development Mutual Fund, more popularly known as the PAG-IBIG Fund. Donald F. Alilio, chief of Division III of Marketing and Sales at PAG-IBIG Calamba Membership Services Branch, spearheaded an information campaign, while his colleagues facilitated an onsite mobile application for the PAG-IBIG Loyalty Card.

The morning program ended with a boodle fight luncheon shared by the members. (Kristine Araguas)